Chapter One: Rebirth

Rebirth, or the idea of giving something a new life, is a concept I have experienced many times over in my life. The most recent instance was the rebranding of KagesClub into NXTArc. It's often frightening to give up a familiar identity and something you’ve been comfortable with for years. It was easy to rely on the designs that were familiar to anime fans and the amount of hype I’ve built for the brand in the past three years. Who would buy into the new brand? The new identity? When they’ve been sold on a whole different vision for the past three years? The truth is, I don’t know for certain, but I am moving into this new territory with calculated optimism.

I have a plan for getting to where I want the brand to go. I did this when I moved from New York City to Los Angeles back in 2020 during the pandemic. I had done street interviews my whole life in New York, but I couldn’t do them anymore because of the virus, so I needed to relocate to a place where I could pivot the content into a new arc where people can enjoy. I can happily say it was not just the right move for content, but because of the move, a clothing brand started, a podcast took off, and the life experience I gained from thriving in a new city is invaluable.

If you guys are reading this, maybe you’re at a crossroads of moving into a new city, leaving that toxic relationship, or going off to college. Take that leap to reinvent yourself. Although scary and uncomfortable, it is necessary to leave your old self behind and strut into the next arc of your life with calculated optimism. Write a plan and a goal for where you’re headed in detail so you can paint a picture of how your new life can look. Your next arc awaits you!

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